Turtle Watching at Pantai Teluk Mak Nik a.k.a Monica Bay, Kemaman.

This was a priceless moment that only can achieved only lucky person as me.

I was born and grown up at this village and never know about this activity until last April when one of my friend post a photo through FB and it shocked me so bad.

I am quite shame since this so near to me and I never realized it..

After contact the person in charge Pak Su Cherating then we set the time, date and place to meet..and of course the place is Pantai Teluk Mak Nik, Kemaman, Terengganu.

I was informed by Pak Su and the rangers that only Green Turtle landed at this beach and the name of “green” because of the color of their fat under the heavy shell.

I was so excited because within 2 hours I been here,

they are almost 10 turtles lays their eggs at one time at same beach (long about 5Km..maybe..)

at the end of the visit we are allowed to release the baby turtle, 1 baby turtle per person, or if you are lucky maybe you can release more under Pak Su permission la of course…

According to Pak Su, about 300-400 baby turtle will release to the sea at one night..so you can imagine how many people/visitor/tourist come to this beach if they are allow to release 1 baby turtle per person every night..

The suitable time to come here is along Feb-August/Sept of the year..

because only this time the turtle landing to lays the eggs.

No more reading..please view the photos below..

Back to sea after lays its eggs

Back to sea after lays its eggs

the babies

the babies

sand digging

sand digging

post before she gone

post before she gone

to sea

to sea

"by bye tete" Qisya said in her babyish word

“by bye tete” Qisya said in her babyish word

p/s: All photos above were taken by using set mode with out flash light camera

since these turtle’ s eyes are very sensitive to the light..

off course this was during night time..not day time..


6 thoughts on “Turtle Watching at Pantai Teluk Mak Nik a.k.a Monica Bay, Kemaman.

  1. hi saw you review was interested in going to kemaman ourselves ( the whole family). Would appreciate it if i could have pak su cherating contact no so we could get him to be a guide 4 us too. Thanks

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